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Flashcards are a fundamental part of many English classes. They offer a visual stimulus for the students, and can give controlled practice of specific target structures.

Our flashcards are a fun way of increasing the accuracy of your students' English. Take a look below!

Business English Flashcards

If you have low-level students needing business English, you'll be able to use these cards again and again!

They can be used to vocabulary, or for drilling basic tenses. They are available in two sizes, and in black and white, or colour.

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Ability Cards

These flashcards are a great way to teach 'can' for skills / abilities, 'be able to' and more!

They come in two sizes, and in black and white or colour. They're a great supplement to our worksheets. Check them out today!

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Description Cards

We have put together a collection of 12 different flashcards to help teach your students common description vocabulary.

The images are available in either black and white, or in colour.

You can choose from either half-page size, or six-per-page.

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Vacation Cards

Are you planning a lesson based around a vacation? These flashcards are a great resource you can use.

There are twelve different activities, and you can use them to build vocabulary, or as a basis for a story.

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Weather Cards

Build some basic weather vocabulary with these flashcards.

If your students already know weather vocabulary, why not use them to teach some common weather phrases, such as 'It's raining cats and dogs!' and 'It's freezing cold!'?

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Action Cards

A set of action cards are a vital resource for many English teachers.

We have 22 cards to help your students with common English phrases.

You can use these to teach tenses, common collocations and much more!

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Preposition Cards

These cards are great for low-level students.

They're a fun way of teaching the most common prepositions of location.

You can also use these for teaching 'there is' and 'there are'.

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Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Teach countable and uncountable nouns with our twenty-six-flashcard set.

They're great not only for vocabulary, but also many sentence patterns.

Try them for: Some / Any and 'Would you like'.

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Health Cards

Great for vocabulary building and role play practice.

We have three versions: colour, black and white, plus one set you can give your students as a written test!

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Occupation Cards

We've got 12 different occupation flashcards waiting to be downloaded.

They're great for teachers with lower-level classes.

Use them for teaching the vocabulary as well as cues for job role-plays.

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Clothing Cards

We have added 20 different flashcards showing an item of clothing.

They're great for teaching colours, and basic question / answer forms.

e.g. 'What is it?' 'What are they?' 'What colour is it?' etc.

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'What's wrong with it?' Cards

We have twelve flashcards dealing with defects in products - words like scratched, torn and broken.

There's even a quick test to see how well your students know this vocabulary!

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Halloween Cards

If you need a quick set of common Halloween vocabulary flashcards, you'll find them here.

There are twelve different images available in either black and white, or in colour.

You can choose from either half-page size, or six-per-page.

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