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This is an overview of all our worksheets, listed by target structure or theme.

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Level Range

quantifiers  - much / many
Leaving the City

   - much / many
How many bottles?

   - some / any
Going to the Supermarket

questions  - subject questions
Can I ask a few questions?

   - subject questions (business)
Who runs the Frankfurt office?

Quiz Time  - The United Kingdom
Quiz Time: The United Kingdom

   - The United States
Quiz Time: The United States

Spies in the Sky

   - stress
Under Pressure

reading and books  - discussion
Conversation Builder: Reading

   - various structures
Reading Habits

reading lesson  - aging society
Old But Not Out

   - aging society
Eternal Youth

   - business
Women in the Boardroom

   - cars
Car Wars

   - cell / mobile phone
The Cell Phone Age

   - Christmas
Christmas Symbols

   - Christmas
Alternative Gifts

   - crime
Falling Crime

   - driving / technology
The Electric Car

   - environment
Alternative Energy

   - etiquette
Minding Your Manners

   - GM crops
Feeding the World

   - happiness

   - identity theft
Identity Theft

   - luck
Do you feel lucky?

   - luck
Do you feel lucky?

   - memory

   - music / computers
Downloading Music

   - new year's resolutions
Good Intentions

   - packing / travel
Packing Light

   - pets
Keeping Pets

   - sleep

   - space
Space Exploration

   - starting a business
Starting your own Business

   - stress
A Stress-free Christmas

   - supermarkets
The Psychology of Supermarkets

   - the lottery
The Lure of the Lottery

   - tipping
The Culture of Tipping

   - trading
Trading Up

   - TV

   - weather news
Extreme Weather

reading lessons

regrets  - I regret +ing
Looking Back

   - I wish
Regrets and Dreams

relative clauses  - conversation
The Disappointing Vacation

   - object type
Tom's Broken Computer

   - reading & discussion
The Big Win

reported speech  - he said that etc.
Reported Speech

   - he said that etc.
Did anyone call?

requesting  - could I, may I
Modals Worksheet

restaurant  - advanced menu
Advanced Restaurant Menu

   - ordering food
Ordering at a Restaurant

   - simple menu
Restaurant Menu - Tom's Taverna

   - situation lesson
Making a Restaurant Reservation

   - writing reviews
Restaurant Reviews

resumes  - reading and discussion
Robot Recruiters

   - reading, writing
Perfecting your Resume

routines  - present simple
A Day in the Life

   - with present simple
Sean's Week

run  - idioms
All About 'Run'

say and tell  - she said that etc.
Reported Speech

second conditional  - if I were
'If' Conversation Cards

   - if I were etc.
What would you take to a desert island?

   - if I won
If I won the lottery...

   - it I were
Which would you choose?

senses  - looks / sounds / feels etc
Is it art?

sentence transformations  - Christmas
Christmas Sentence Transformations

   - rewriting game
Transformations: Snakes and Ladders

sequencing  - first, next, finally etc.
Using Machines

Shakespeare, William  - past simple questions
William Shakespeare

shopping  - Christmas
Christmas Shopping

   - conversation
Conversation Builder: Shopping

   - discussion
Talking about Shops

   - for a computer
Shopping for a Computer

   - for souvenirs
Shopping for Souvenirs (US Version)

   - groceries
Grocery Shopping

   - online
Don't Believe the Hype!

   - reading & discussion
My Favorite Place to Shop

   - reading & discussion

   - situation lesson
Shopping for Clothes

   - supermarket reading
The Psychology of Supermarkets

should  - advice
Quick Advice

   - advice
What should I do in New York?

   - giving advice
Giving Advice

   - giving advice
What should I do in London?

   - should have
The Exam

showing interest  - tag questions, really?
Showing Interest in a Conversation

sickness  - at the pharmacy
Under the Weather

since  - for / since
How long have you been married?

since and for  - how long have you
How long have you lived here?

   - present perfect
How long have you worked there?

slang  - British English
Cool Britannia

sleep  - reading worksheet

smoking  - reading & discussion
Smoking Habits

snakes and ladders  - blank cards
Snakes and Ladders Blank Cards

   - board
Snakes and Ladders - The Board

   - gerunds and infinitives
Gerund and Infinitive Cards

   - intermediate
Pre-Intermediate Error Cards

so and such  - conversation
What a dreadful movie!

soccer  - wordsearch
Football (Soccer) Wordsearch

social expressions  - congratulating, sympathising etc.
Social Niceties

some / any  - quantifiers
Going to the Supermarket

sorry  - apologising
I'm so sorry!

   - apologising

space  - reading
Space Exploration

   - reading and discussion
The Silent Universe

   - travel
Space Exploration

spam  - reading (lower level)
The Problem of Spam (Lower Level)

speculating  - must have might have etc.
What might have happened?

spite  - in spite of
The Tennis Game

sport  - play do go
Are you into sport?

sports  - play do go
Talking about Activities (Play Do Go)

   - The Olympics
Preposition Error Cards

   - The Olympics

   - various
Sports Mad

Star Wars  - movies / simple tenses
Did you see the new Star Wars movie?

statistics  - explaining graphs
Talking about Changes

   - explaining graphs
Communicating Changes

   - graphs
Explaining Statistics

stress  - business reading
Under Pressure

   - reading
A Stress-free Christmas

subject questions  - business conversation
Who runs the Frankfurt office?

   - conversation
Can I ask a few questions?

such and so  - conversation
What a dreadful movie!

suffixes  - and prefixes
Under and Over

suggesting  - agreeing, disagreeing
Mom's Birthday

   - how about
Weekend Plans

superlatives  - and comparatives
Who's the winner?

   - comparing
Choosing a Vacation

   - one of the biggest etc.
One of the Best (Cards)

   - one of the biggest etc.
It's one of the best!

supermarket  - reading worksheet
The Psychology of Supermarkets

   - some any
Going to the Supermarket

tag questions  - do you? are you? etc.
Showing Interest in a Conversation

take  - phrasal verbs
All About 'Take'

taxi  - taking a taxi
Taking a Taxi

technology  - and school
The Changing Classroom

   - discussion
Conversation Builder: The Internet

   - discussion
Conversation Builder: Communication

   - discussion topics
Conversation Builder: Gadgets

   - internet addiction
Internet Addiction

   - privacy
Privacy in the 21st Century

   - reading
Business Profiles: Bill Gates

   - reading
Are you online too much?

   - reading & discussion
Technology in Battle

   - tech crossword
Computer Crossword

telephone  - business roleplays
Telephone English Roleplays (Business)

   - leaving messages
Leaving Telephone Messages

   - polite register
Polite Telephone English

   - problems
Calling Customer Services

   - reading
The Cell Phone Age

   - roleplays
Telephone English Roleplays (General)

telephone English

   - calling a hotel
Checking a Hotel Reservation

   - changing arrangements
Rearranging Lunch

   - sentence jumble
Jumbled Phone Conversation

tell and say  - reported speech
Reported Speech

thanking someone  - appreciate

Thanksgiving  - and other festivals
Can you tell me about Thanksgiving?

theatre / theater  - conversation
Performing on Stage

   - reading and discussion
Career Choices: The Actor

there is / are  - and articles
Looking Round an Apartment

   - game
Spot the Difference: There is/are

third conditional  - if I had done something
Changes in Fortune

   - Titanic
The Sinking of the Titanic

this, that etc  - demonstratives
Shopping for Souvenirs (US Version)

time  - idioms
Idioms about Time

   - it's time to go etc.
It's time to go!

   - it's time to...
Fluency Builder: Time Expressions

   - prepositions
Time Preposition Error Smasher

tipping  - reading & discussion
The Culture of Tipping

   - reading worksheet
The Culture of Tipping

titanic  - reading
The Sinking of the Titanic

to   - go + to
Where did you go?

to  - infinitive of purpose
Why did Susie go to the doctor?

too  - and enough
Exchanging Goods

transportation  - discussion
Conversation Builder: Getting Around

   - discussion
Traveling by Train

travel English

TV  - discussion
Conversation Builder: Television

   - reading & discussion
Reality TV

   - used to
I don't watch TV anymore!

uncountable / countable  - wordsearch
What's in my fridge?

United Kingdom  - quiz
Women in the Boardroom

up  - phrasal verbs
All About 'Up'

used to  - any more, etc.
I don't watch TV anymore!

   - I used to do
What did Tom use to do?

   - I used to do
'Used to' Conversation Cards

   - I'm used to + ing
I'm used to driving

   - used to doing something
Living Abroad

Valentine's Day  - idioms
How did you meet?

   - Idioms
Idioms from the Heart

   - reading
Valentine's Day


want  - I want (you) to
What do you want to do?

   - want to do
I want to travel

   - would like, plan, hope
Conspiracy Theories

war  - reading & discussion
Technology in Battle

was  - and were
Where were you on Monday?

was / were  - travel
Starting your own Business

wealth  - reading & discussion
Best and Worst Presents

weather  - flashcards
Weather Flashcards

   - idioms
Idioms about the Weather

   - reading & discussion
Extreme Weather

   - simple conversation
What's the weather really like?

   - vocabulary
What is the weather like?

weddings  - discussion
Tying the Knot

well  - idioms
Well, well, well!

were  - and was
Where were you on Monday?

what  - what is it like?
Describing Places

where   - where are you from?
Describing Places

where are you from  - introductions
It's nice to meet you!

while  - and during
I fell asleep!

will  - and going to
I'll take a taxi!

   - possibility
I'll Probably Play Golf!

   - will be able to
English in Eight Weeks!

wish  - + past simple
I wish I were young again!

   - for regrets
Looking Back

   - I wish I lived in the USA etc.
In Your Dreams

   - regrets and hope
Regrets and Dreams

won't  - and will
I'll Probably Play Golf!

wordsearch  - countable / uncountable
What's in my fridge?

   - countries
Country Wordsearch

   - football / soccer
Football (Soccer) Wordsearch

   - house vocabulary
Around the House

   - past
Past Tense Verb Wordsearch

work discussion  - present simple
Talking About Your Job

world cup  - conversation
Watching the World Cup

   - conversation
Are you watching the World Cup?

   - crossword
World Cup Crossword

would  - inviting
Weekend Plans

   - modals
The Business Trip

   - should, could etc. advice
Quick Advice

   - with 2nd conditional
Which would you choose?

   - would have
The Exam

   - would, could etc.
Modals Worksheet

would like  - plan, hope, want
Conspiracy Theories

would you like to  - inviting
Weekend Plans

writing  - a formal letter
Writing a Formal Letter

   - business email
A Business Email

   - email
An Informal Email

yet  - and already
Julia's Vacation Preparations

   - and already
I haven't moved yet.

   - yet / already (Christmas)
Getting Ready for Christmas

zoos  - expressing opinions
What do you think about zoos?

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