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Speaking in Public
Target Structure
Reading, Vocabulary & Disussion
60+ minutes
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This is a lower-level version of our worksheet 'Public Speaking".

This worksheet looks at some advice on becoming a better public speaker.

Following the lead-in, there is a collocation matching exercise and then a brief gap-fill text.

Expressions studied include:

* give a presentation
* stand up in front of others
* take a deep breath
* fall asleep
* go on a course

Following comprehension questions, there is preposition practice and discussion questions.

This worksheet is written for lower-intermediate classes.



Have you booked your flight yet?
Target Structure
Travel / Airport Expressions
45 minutes
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This worksheet looks at some common expressions related to booking flight and getting around at an airport.

After the lead-in, there is a gap-fill conversation, comprehension questions, and vocabulary building.

Expressions your students will learn include:

* a free upgrade
* book online
* drop off your bags
* fly economy/coach/business class
* run a special offer

The lesson rounds off with discussion questions on airports and flying in general.

This worksheet is written for intermediate-level classes.



The Entrepreneur
Target Structure
Reading, Vocabulary and Discussion
Intermediate to Advanced
45+ minutes
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Do your students enjoy a cup of coffee (or similar) at a local cafe or coffee shop? Has there been a growth in the market in the last twenty years?

This worksheet has an interview with the owner of an independent coffee shop. Following the warm-up, there are vocabulary exercises, a reading, comprehension questions and lots of discussion.

Your students will learn expressions including:

* to make a point of doing something
* to set something apart (from ...)
* the secret to [your] success
* plain sailing

This worksheet is for intermediate to advanced level classes.



Can you tell me about your company?
Target Structure
Basic Company Questions and Answers
Upper Elementary / Lower Intermediate
30 + minutes
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How well can your lower-level students ask and answer questions about someone's company?

This worksheet starts off with a quiz. (Can your students guess when some famous companies were founded?)

This is followed by a pre-conversation gap-fill on question words. (Matching when, what, how many, where).

There is a conversation for your students to practice in pairs (or with you), comprehension questions, role-playing and personalisation.

This worksheet is ideal for upper-elementary and pre-intermediate level students.

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