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All About 'Bring'
Target Structure
Phrasal Verbs
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Increase your students' vocabulary knowledge with this phrasal verb worksheet!

There are six phrasal verbs, all themed around 'bring. The worksheet covers:

* Bring up (a child)
* Bring out (a new album)
* Bring down (a government)
* Bring up (a subject)
* Bring down (prices)
* Bring back (memories)

There are opening gap fill exercises followed by a caption quiz and discussion questions.

This worksheet is written for intermediate-level students.



Appetite or Taste?
Target Structure
Natural Expressions
Intermediate +
40 minutes
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Build your students' knowledge of some common expressions using 'taste' or 'appetite'.

Expressions studied include:

  • an acquired taste
  • lose your appetite
  • whet your appetite
  • in poor taste
  • no accounting for taste

The lesson has an opening quiz, consolidation questions, a caption matching quiz and discussion questions.

It's a great way to help your students learn some fun, natural English!

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